Window Leak Repairs

It just so happens that you were about to rush out the door to get to work, to drop the kids off at school, or just to get together with friends, when you hear the water leaking from the bathroom faucet, or maybe the kitchen sink.

When You Know it’s Time for a Leak Repair

Of course, the decision of when to fix a water leak is up to you. At Over The Top Window Cleaning, we firmly believe that the best course of action is to call a plumber right away. Will you really have a peaceful day at work knowing there may be a flood waiting for you when you get home?

The Most Common Types of Leaks

Generally, most leaks happen in faucets and next to water heaters. Obviously tubs and toilets are not that far behind. Although, of course, there are many others.

Outdoor Water Leaks

You may be tempted to think that any water that leaks outside may be good for your grass and, in that sense, you may be right. However, outdoor leaks can intrude into your foundation, flood your backyard, and cause unpleasant odors.

How fast can these leaks be fixed?

It depends on the leak. Also, on how much time you have allowed to go by and the extent of the damage. But, in general terms, our plumbers always go equipped with all that is needed to get the job done and give you the required peace of mind that the problem has been solved.

Do you have any leaks or other plumbing issues?

At Over The Top Window Cleaning, our services include much more than simply cleaning windows. Call us today to get a free estimate of any leaks or plumbing issues you need resolving right away. We offer professional and punctual services every time. Your satisfaction is always our first priority.